Thursday, April 21, 2011

Old Fan

i wanted a fan for my place, as the west facing windows allow quite a bit of temperature increase on warmer days. this fan is built like a tank. though it also has the potential to destroy as a tank does, with a heavy aluminum 4-blade fan and a rather spacious yet very elegant fan guard. if i'm not careful, someone may lose a finger!

i do know why most fans today are plastic from a performance standpoint, but they sure don't have the same aesthetic!

it has one speed, and the ability to oscillate or to not. i'll have to look into which year this was manufactured.

Friday, April 8, 2011


to go along with my McIntosh XR-5 speakers, i picked up a MQ104. the XR-5 speakers were designed to be paired with a mcintosh equalizer, so i finally find one! $140 shipped via ebay. it also comes with a capacitor kit so that you can customize which frequencies the equalizer impacts. there's an on off switch so you can directly detect just what impacts the equalizer has on the system. i have been spending a month or so fine tuning it and still haven't got it right. which i like :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

bathroom lamp

florescent lamps emit horrible light. so a bathroom lamp was needed for my bathroom. the soft glow of an incandescent light really makes the difference.

this was purchased at urban ore in oakland for $12, bulb included.

not to worry, the toothbrush was not purchased 2nd hand


while visiting my parents last, mom and i hit a few thrift stores. one had this headboard for $25.00, so we picked it up.

mom cleaned it up, and re-stained it. the only drawback of beautiful weather is that photography indoors isn't necessarily the best, but i did what i could. i like the style and shape quite a bit.

this weekend it was delivered and i am glad we spent the $25.00!

ice bucket

i can't be as cool as mad man himself donald draper with my full bar/cart unless i have a matching ice bucket. this one was scooped up from "stuff sf" a pretty cool antique mall sorta deal near my house. the leather handle and thick glass bucket are in great condition, and were all mine for $28.00.

i'll be on the lookout for a nice set of tongs and glasses to go with this. who wants a drink!

bedside table

i had been looking for a mid century night table in this style. mom found this one. what really stood out for me about this table was it's 3rd shelf. most tables of this style only have two shelves, the top one for a lamp and the bottom for everything else.

mom painted it black before bringing it up as the finish was not salvageable.

the sony dream machine is not a replica, that puppy has been in our family since the 80's.

the bar

my parents visited and brought me some gifts. this bar is one of them. it is a replica antique made by the bombay company, it sure captures the look and function i was going for!

i won't make a separate post just for the glasses that i've scooped up at different thrift stores, but some of those snifters and beer glasses were $0.50-$2.00/ea at various thrift spots.